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Bali island offers various dive sites, featuring remarkable scuba diving.

Magnificent beaches, rice paddies, luxury resorts and villas are just some of this island’s offerings. Divers can enjoy an abundant marine life, wrecks, black coral gardens and drop offs.

From octopus, devil fish, pigmy sea horses and colorfoul nudibranchs, to pelagics, sharks and the Mola Mola sunfish (July to October), from drop offs in Tulamben, drift diving in Nusa Penida, muck diving in Secret bay to the famous World War II wreck “The Liberty”, Bali has a lot to offer for divers of all levels.

Scuba divers going directly to Lembeh Strait, Komodo or Raja Ampat usually disregard Bali as being a diving holiday destination.

However, Bali, located in the Coral Triangle, is a great diving destination and boasts a wealthy collection of breathtaking diving sites.

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